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What need to consider before Installing a Garage Door

August 26, 2022

Both for safety and convenience, having an automatic garage door has become essential in communities and private homes. If you don’t have one yet or are thinking of changing it, here are a few tips to consider before requesting the installation of your new automatic door.


garage door installation


Private garage door installation has significantly increased over time, particularly in urban areas. Avoiding the endless turns to park or protecting your car from inclement weather are some of the main reasons why many people choose to get a parking space.


It seemed unthinkable that such a heavy iron gate could move automatically, smoothly, and safely. Well, today you are used to it, thanks to the new generation of automatisms, which work quickly, safely and with minimal maintenance, yes, always carried out by a professional technician.



Reasons to install an automatic garage door

One of the main reasons for automatic garage door installation is safety. Over time, these doors have become a safer system than the manual type; the fact of being able to operate the garage door from the car prevents you from having to go outside and avoid any possible incident. Automatic systems are very safe.


In addition, they have a series of basic safety measures, such as photoelectric cells, safety cables and a parachute system, and elements that prevent the accidental introduction of hands or fingers into any gap. All this gives these garage doors a high-security value, much better than those operated manually and without the physical effort required by the old manual doors.


Another of the most obvious reasons is comfort; since you can enter the garage, you will be protected in your car, avoiding going outside in inclement weather. You will not have to open or close doors that are sometimes heavy or require strength to move them. With an automatic system, you arrive, and in a few seconds, you are inside the garage.


Last but not least, installing an automatic door is energy efficient since an automatic garage door stays open for the necessary time to operate it, not allowing excess cold or heat to enter (indoors with its surface closed). ). The durability of these doors is much higher than average; since being covered with steel and aluminum, the resistance is much greater.


Pre-Installation Tips

Keep in mind that the door to be installed must have some characteristics, whether it is an industrial or business premises, a community of neighbors, or a private house.


Automatic garage doors are an element of special sensitivity since they are used on a daily basis, and it is possible that an accident may occur, so it is a very well-regulated area. There is a wide range of regulations related to doors, which indicates the necessary security measures, frameworks for use, and recommendations that your door specialist team can certify as a maintainer or installer.


Suppose it is a community of neighbors or a door for community use. In that case, it is essential to have Civil Liability Insurance since it will protect the community in the event that the fault falls directly or subsidiarily on them. It will also make the community have good governance and maintenance obligations.

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