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Tips to Take Care of Your Garage Doors

September 12, 2022

Every day, weather conditions, constant use, contact with moving cars, and other circumstances can impair the proper working of garage doors. Therefore, regular maintenance is necessary for all garage doors to maintain their durability, functionality, and safety. In this post, you will understand why garage door maintenance is essential.


It will depend on your system and material because all automated doors require some maintenance and are not created equal. The garage door service and repairs must have a periodicity appropriate to the circumstances since intensive use will shorten the revision time.



Garage door service and repairs are as important as maintenance being carried out by a specialized company, with specific personnel accustomed to dealing with and maintaining the problems that these mechanisms can give rise to. Experts also have the advantage of knowing hundreds of door types and brands from the leading manufacturers, which provides them with extra experience when dealing with breakdowns.


No matter what kind of door it is, keep in mind the importance of having the proper security measures to prevent collisions, shearing, dragging, cutting, or trapping.



Basic Garage Door Maintenance Tips

If you have an automatic door installed, its maintenance must be rigorous and carry out the appropriate maintenance for its correct operation.


Check engine operation

The power of its motors has to be high so that it can lift the weight of your garage door and avoid any problems. Its motor must be silent and its mechanism smooth. Remember that if you have a roof with coatings or an insulating layer, remove it to place your motor and avoid overheating.


Prevent moisture to your engine

Ensure there are no points where water or moisture can enter the engine. The joints in motors, control panels, and photocells are harmed by temperature variations and the passage of time. Make revisions to keep it running smoothly.


Protect cables and mechanisms

Close or hinder access to animals that may be attracted to the heat, such as insects, rodents, lizards, especially the access of cables or areas that can be gnawed or eaten.


Grease the door.

A technician will be able to supply the precise amount needed to carry out this action with all of its benefits and none of its negatives. Be careful because excess is as harmful as a defect, so it is convenient to grease in small amounts.


Keep the door and its surroundings clean.

Dirt can get into the moving parts and spoil them. If this is combined with an excess of grease due to an incorrect application of excess oil, it will solidify and obstruct its correct operation.



Experts in automatic doors guarantee you a quality service, safety, and total guarantee. In addition to ensuring proper mechanical operation, they will also analyze a section as basic as safety, facilitating the necessary improvements for its implementation and offering CE certification, raising the standard of quality, safety and energy savings of the door.

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