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Steel Vs. Aluminum Garage Doors: Which Is Better For Your Application?

Aluminum garage door installation

November 28, 2022

Just as no one size fits everyone; no door is suitable for every application. If you are looking for the best material for your garage door, you should consider doors made of steel and aluminum. Both are great options but evaluate the pros and cons and then choose between these two.


Aluminum garage doors

Aluminum garage doors are significantly cheaper than doors made of steel. Both have a lot of features in common, but the weight of aluminum garage doors is considerably less than that of steel garage doors. Aluminum garage door installation is inexpensive and more straightforward. An aluminum garage door’s weight is less, making the installation easy and less stressful. It can also work with the garage door opener, so aluminum doors don’t need as much upkeep.


Aluminum has the properties to resist corrosion. Naturally, this puts aluminum doors on a pedestal. Steel doors are prone to corrosion. These qualities make aluminum doors ideal for places where corrosion is likely to happen.


Surprisingly, aluminum doors can be made from recyclable materials. After you have used these doors, you can send them for recycling. It is perfect for the environment. It is straightforward to spray down aluminum, making it low maintenance. The repair and maintenance needs of these types of doors are significantly less.


Aluminum garage door installation

Steel garage doors

If you need a garage door where heavy rains and winds are common, and there is a persistent problem of summer heat and humidity, you should consider steel garage doors. Steel garage doors are very durable; it’s popularly said that a steel garage door will last longer than your entire house. Surprising, right?


These doors are straightforward to maintain. If the steel garage door has been repainted, you can spray-clean it. You can avoid repeating that frequently. Steel garage doors are highly versatile. A lot of variety is available. You can choose the type of finish and shape according to your garage. Various steel garage doors open, such as sectional, side-hinged, traditional up-and-down, and rolled. You can get a steel door for any size!


Doors made of steel have good strength. Considering the material and durability, these are strong enough to stand against physical damage. It is an excellent option if your garage door is more susceptible to daily wear and tear. Like aluminum, these are recyclable. It makes them environment-friendly and cost-effective.


Which Is Better For Your Application?

Both types of those are great options. Consider your budget since there is a significant price difference between these two. Steel garage doors are considerably more expensive than aluminum garage doors. But the price of both is dependent on a lot of factors. Rust resistance is an essential factor to consider according to the environment. A good steel door is highly durable, adding to its price. Consider your requirements, such as budget, environment, and rust resistance. Considering all these factors, you should compare both options and choose the one that will fit all your needs.

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