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How You Can Solve These Common Garage Door Problems Hassle-Free

October 28, 2022

We all know the importance of having a fully functional garage door. Over time, like everything else, it is damaged or might need repairs or replacement based on its situation. If your garage door suddenly stops working, it may lead to stress and panic; well, it’s a matter of safety and security for us!


Garage door service and repairs are essential to keep your garage door in the best shape possible. We all face these four common issues, and here is how we can solve them.


Opening the garage door when there is no power: We may lose power for several reasons. You can open your garage door even when a power cut or power is unavailable. Look for the red rope hanging from the garage door trolley; pull it after you make sure the door is in the down position. Now, you can fix it manually. If it is troublesome to do it manually, ask for professional help. There could be other reasons for this malfunction.


Disconnected switch: severe weather conditions often damage the wall switch. The good part is that you can quickly fix it yourself. Please be careful while doing so. Test the wiring by detaching the wires from the switch and touching them together. If the opener responds, you might need to replace the switch. It’s best to let professionals do this. A comprehensive garage door service and repair package is an excellent idea to take care of such minor issues, confirming they will never lead to severe issues.


Off-track door: due to adverse weather, dust, or dirt, your garage door can go off-track. First, disconnect it from the power supply carefully. Use vice grips to do the alignment properly. Use pliers to open the track and guide the roller to its specified place. Finally, you’re done with a rubber mallet to close the track. Test the garage door and see if it’s back on track.



Noise: loose screws make the garage door cause a squeaky noise. It can also be due to metal parts that need lubrication. You can quickly fix these issues by checking for the screws and metal parts, but you need to call the experts immediately if the noise is loud and banging.


The door doesn’t open: it could be simply because of the dead batteries you’ll need to change. If this doesn’t work, check the electricity connection. If this still doesn’t open your garage door, there could be something complex that needs fixing. It’s best to call the experts for a safety check and maintenance.


Key takeaways

It’s essential to keep your garage door in good shape to keep it functioning for longer. A garage door that needs replacement should be immediately replaced, as it practically serves no purpose. When checking the electrical components, take all precautions to maintain your safety. If you’re unsure about something, it’s best to call the professionals. Regular repairs and maintenance are more straightforward and cheaper than replacing old doors.

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