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Common Garage Door Problems and How to Prevent High Expenses to Repair

Common Garage Door Problems and How to Prevent High Expenses to Repair

December 27, 2022

Most people develop residential properties with a small garage space. Every property owner must have a garage to keep their cars safe. On the other hand, a garage adds value to a residential or commercial property. Property owners also choose different options for installing garage doors. However, garage doors get damaged quickly due to wear and tear. Nevertheless, some other reasons are also behind garage door damage.


Common Garage Door Damage Signs and Reasons

So, what are the most common signs of garage door damage? It would help if you had professional garage door service and repairs to prevent and repair damage to the garage doors. In the following section, you can find a more detailed discussion.


1. A Noisy Garage Door. 

Does your garage door make an unusual noise when you open or close it? An unusual noise on the garage door suggests that it needs repair. In most cases, a noisy door indicates a lack of maintenance. For example, you should oil the door frequently to keep the hinges in top condition. Furthermore, lubricating the door’s hinges and other joints will keep it from sustaining frictional damage. At times, hinges and other parts may get completely damaged. Instead of repairing those parts, you may need to replace them.


2. You Need to Put Extra Effort into Open or Close the Door

The garage door is not noisy, but you have to put extra effort into opening or closing the door. It is another indication of garage door damage due to wear and tear. A door becomes difficult to handle when it is old and left under zero maintenance for years. You should find professional garage door service and repairs to deal with such garage door issues. The service that fixes garage doors will look at the door and take steps to fix the problem. The door may require a replacement if all parts have been severely damaged.


3. Track Misalignment

Do you have a sliding garage door? Such doors are convenient and save space, but they are susceptible to various damages. First, you should keep putting lubricant on the slider tracks so that the door can move quickly on the track. Second, you should be careful when you move the sliding door because doing so wrong can cause the tracks to get out of line. You should call a professional repair service if the track is misaligned for your sliding garage door.


4. Problem with the Door Lock

People choose different types of garage door locks according to their requirements and budget. For example, you may select a cutting-edge door lock that works in connection with a sensor. On the other hand, you can buy and install regular garage door locks. Both door locks are vulnerable to damage, and you need a professional garage door repair service.


5. Broken Door by an Accident

Novice drivers need help parking their vehicles inside the garage. Sometimes, their inexperience causes damage to the garage doors. It would help if you thought twice about calling an experienced service provider to repair broken garage door springs. A professional service provider will inspect the damage and take measures to fix it. At times, the damage is so severe that one cannot repair the doors. In such cases, the service provider offers garage door replacement services.


6. Faulty Sensor

Nowadays, most people use garage door sensors to avoid the hassles of parking their cars inside the garage. When your car gets closer to the garage door, the sensors will automatically open the door for you. When you park your car, the door will automatically close. Such door sensors combine exceptional safety with convenience. Trespassers will find it challenging to open garage doors that have sensors. But, the problem is that the sensor is vulnerable to damage. You should call an experienced repair service to repair the garage door sensor.


Tips to Avoid Garage Door Damage

Garage door repair can be costly, depending on the nature of the damage. Moreover, you cannot repair the damage to a garage door due to severe damage. In such cases, you must incur hefty garage door replacement expenses. Instead of making unplanned expenses, you should focus on garage door maintenance.


Adding lubricants to the door hinges is crucial to maintaining their seamless mobility. On the other hand, you should add paint to the door once every two to three years to protect the material from moisture. Both wooden and metallic garage doors can be damaged by moisture, rain, and flooding. Another crucial thing is identifying the problems early and repairing them quickly. Such practices will prevent severe damage to the garage doors.



So, you have learned the common reasons behind garage door damage. At the same time, the article has given some tips on keeping garage door repair costs from being too high. You should find a professional and reliable repair company for broken garage door springs for a satisfactory and affordable repair service.

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