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ADU Granny Units

Accessory ​Dwelling Units

Use as a Guest House, Separate Home for Parents or Children, or as a Rentable House for Income

Installing a secure Granny Unit (ADU) at backyard

The full-form of ADU is Accessory Dwelling Unit. A home is among the most significant investments in an individual’s life. You can conveniently rent an ADU at your backyard to boost your property value. Also, it is an effective way to earn an additional income, meeting mortgage costs and lifestyle needs. There have been some recent favorable changes in the Californian Law related to home-owning that makes the process simpler. You can get in touch with us over a phone call and explore the choices we offer. We are experts in delivering end-to-end solutions to design the unit and build it complying with modern architectural fundamentals and safety regulations. We efficiently handle projects prioritizing your investment.
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  • Detached ADU Unit (New Construction:)

    There are other names too, for a detached ADU Unit, such as a backyard cottage, granny unit, or a guest house. It is usually a unit not attached to the main construction of the house, and located in the backyard.

  • Garage Conversions

    You would be glad to know that some garages have the potential to be converted to ADUs in a cost-effective way.

  • JrADUs:

    These are units that are mainly created in the basement or attic of a home. In most cases, they have an exclusive entrance. It is affordable to create such units.

  • Provision of building2 ADU’s in a single family dwelling

    It is great to know that ADUs recent alteration in the State Law lets a homeowner to build 2 ADUs in a single-family dwelling. In some cases, there can be multiple ADUs.